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@jenlampton jenlampton released this Feb 9, 2019 · 47 commits to 1.x since this release

Maintenance release for Backdrop CMS. This update contains bug fixes and usability improvements only.

  • The database update script will need to be run for this update.
  • No changes have been made to the .htaccess, robots.txt, default settings.php files, or any files outside the /core directory in this release. Updating customized copies of those files is not necessary for this update.

Changes since 1.12.1

  • Issue #2999: [UX] Date format links should read Configure.
  • Issue #3516: [UX] Make the 'Formatting options' link less distracting.
  • Issue #1294: Exclude when using updater.
  • Issue #3424: [UX] Fix RTL vertical tabs style.
  • Issue #3371: Show "You do not have any admin items" message in /admin/config.
  • Issue #1909: Remove exposed sort and summary options for Random sort order in Views.
  • Issue #3423: [UX] Fix RTL width of the add content page.
  • Issue #3431: [UX] Fix RTL formatting options in Seven.
  • Issue #3523: [UX] Fix RTL table headers.
  • Issue #3525: [UX] Fix RTL options element.
  • Issue #3478: Improve theme config handling.
  • Issue #3494: Set the deprecrated table option for all Views with grids.
  • Issue #3257: Adding since docblock for color_get_color_element().
  • Issue #3257: [UX] Allow color elements to be put in multiple fieldsets.
  • Issue #1579: Use saveXML() instead of saveHTML() when saving image captions.
  • Issue #3466: ETags should be quoted.
  • Issue #3481: CKEditor: Select image library is disabled.
  • Issue #3493: Prevent PHP warnings when classes are givein for views list, and views list wrapper.
  • Issue #3487: [UX] Fix taxonomy update hook message.
  • Issue #3488: backdrop_http_request() should remove host during redirects. Fixes update and install of projects.
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