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@jenlampton jenlampton released this Sep 16, 2019 · 35 commits to 1.x since this release

Backdrop CMS version 1.14 is here!

The Backdrop community is proud to release this most recent version following our 4-month release cycle. This version of Backdrop includes some great new features.

Notes for updating:

  • It will be necessary to run the update script (located at /update.php) for this release.
  • This release does modify the settings.php file located outside the core directory. Updating your customized copy of this file is recommended, but not necessary. To update, copy the new section on trusted_host_patterns from our file to yours.

Changes since 1.13.4

  • #3755: A user interface for building flexible layout templates..
  • #2632: Fieldable file types (file entity module from Drupal 7).
  • #1285: New installs will include an Editor role.
  • #2568: Support for trusted_host_patterns.
  • #3994: A welcome block on the administrative dashboard.
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