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After another 4 months of development, the Backdrop community is proud to release Backdrop 1.3.0!

This version of Backdrop includes over 32 improvements aimed at improving the user experience. Some of these improvements include:

  • Custom text blocks may be created directly from the Layouts user interface.
  • Custom text blocks can now be converted to reusable custom blocks.
  • URL patterns may now be configured directly from content type, vocabulary, and user account forms.
  • Permissions for content types and vocabularies may now be configured directly from their respective configuration forms.
  • Comment settings are simplified on the content type forms.
  • Users may now log into Backdrop with their email address instead of (or in addition to) their username.
  • The tabs across the top of the page in the Seven theme are now fully responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • A notification icon has been added to the admin bar to indicate problems on the status report.
  • Long and short text fields may now use each other's’ widgets, allowing a short text to be entered into a textarea or a long text entered into a text field.
  • Multiple field values have a new configuration element that allows a limit greater than 10.

This version also adds some new features making Backdrop even more powerful:

  • Blocks are now stored in configuration files rather than the database, allowing them to be easily exported and moved between environments.
  • On content and account pages, each field has it’s own block so that it may be placed in a different region of the page layout.
  • Transliteration ability has been added to core, automatically converting characters to ASCII on file uploads and when generating any "machine name" value (for example, when creating content types, vocabularies, menus, fields and other types of configuration).
  • New "background fetch" functionality added to the page cache, preventing slow page loads for the first visitor after a page's cache has expired.
  • Cron jobs and end-of-page processing such as setting caches are now done in the background after the full page has been returned to the visitor, eliminating the slow "first time" page load experience.

For a complete list of changes in Backdrop 1.3.0 see the commit log since 1.2.4.