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After 4 months of development, the Backdrop community is proud to release Backdrop 1.4.0! The latest release of Backdrop includes several major and exciting new features!

  • #905: Redirect module added to core! This allows redirects to be created manually between paths and automatically when combined with the core path auto-aliasing.
  • #1399: Find and install modules, themes, and layouts directly from Backdrop! The new Installer module provides web-based browsing of projects hosted on BackdropCMS.org!
  • #698: Bootstrap 4 based layouts! 10 new layouts for your site using the latest and most popular grid system on the Internet.
  • #1020, #998, #1028: User experience improvements to the Layouts UI! Faster conditions, consistent terminology, and new listing page.
  • #845: Menu blocks now may specify a starting depth and total depth, similar to the Drupal 7 Menu Block module functionality.
  • #869: Upload into image and file fields directly from mobile device cameras.
  • #1560: CKEditor upgraded to 4.5.9.

1.4.0 also includes a number API improvements and performance optimizations. For the full list of changes see the 1.4.0 commit log.

Look for an official announcement in the next few days! This release will be updated as we detail these new features on backdropcms.org!