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Release notes

Backdrop 1.6.0 is a minor release with new features that improve on the powerful content management tools, and lays the groundwork for comprehensive file and media management in future releases. This release adds a central file management interface under Content -> Manage Files. This interface can be used to find and manage any file uploaded throughout your site, and see all the places where that file has been used.

This release includes the ability to specify custom view modes. Rather than being limited to the out-of-box view modes (Teaser, Full, Search Result, Search Index, and RSS), administrators can configure as many new modes as needed, such as view mode for a carousel, compact presentation option, or a recommended content display.

Building on the new menu drop downs introduced in Backdrop 1.5.0, menus now have the option to automatically collapse a mobile-friendly menu indicator (commonly called a "hamburger menu").

This release also includes the latest versions of CKEditor and Normalize.css, more than a dozen UX improvements, lots of bug fixes, and API improvements for developers.

New Features:

  • #2375: Add central file management system.
  • #315: Add the "Entity view mode" module to core.
  • #2369: Added a hamburger menu toggle to responsive drop-down menus.
  • #2386: Enable browser spellcheck on ckeditor fields.
  • #2190: Add template files for layouts and the hero block to achieve a full-bleed hero.
  • #2402: Add a setting to the breadcrumb block to add the current page as last crumb.
  • #2463: Update CKEditor to version 4.6.

User Experience Improvements:

  • #2128: [UX] Improve help text on "Update modules" page (#1635)
  • #873 Add date and time format field descriptions.
  • #2345: [UX] Installer: Allow using .po translation files from drupal.org without having to rename them.
  • #2405: Fix remaining "Add redirect" instances (should be "Add URL redirect").(#1547)
  • #2117: Remove site_mail from the installer UI.
  • #635: Move all URL settings from Search to URL handling section of config.
  • #2287: [UX] Add a link to the 'Site information' page from the header block options for logo, site name, and site slogan.
  • #2453: Remove 'Configure' link from contextual menu links, add 'Add link'.
  • #2241: Remove the "Add a" part from the hero and custom block titles.
  • #2059: Add field prefix for "File directory" location.
  • #2301: [UX] Rename "Admin content" and "Comments" to "Manage content" and "Manage comments" respectively.
  • #2393: Basis: add a template and style for comments.

Developer Experience Improvements:

  • #2460: Update normalize.css to 5.0.0.
  • #1052: Document theme_debug and show warnings if it is enabled.
  • #675: Make system_settings_form() CMI aware; add config_set_multiple() and Config::setMultiple.
  • #2151: Add searchable strings to simpletest results.
  • #2439: Improve test setup and requirements checking.
  • #2275: Create config_get_config_storage() to return the right storage object for a given config directory.
  • #2338: Adding logo attributes theme variable. (#1738)
  • #2408: Remove message styles from Basis, and move them out of system.theme.css.

Bug fixes:

  • #2454: Remove breadcrumb block from default homepage layout.
  • #289: Fix error highlighting on checkboxes and radios where browser highlighting isn't widely supported.
  • #2249: Made basis' hero bg tile and made image tile well.
  • #2279: Admin menu doesn't update after adding, renaming or deleting a field.
  • #1946: Add a white background (not black) when cropping images to larger dimensions.
  • #2285: Admin menu doesn't update after updating or deleting a vocabulary.
  • #1617: Normalize the font-size of contextual links.
  • #2298: layout thumbnail and name links are broken.
  • #2329: Backdrop installation in different language not possible (#1642)
  • #1757: Update installer browser menu links to 'Install new X projects'.
  • #2317: Sticky header cells not properly aligned with the respective cells of the regular header.
  • #2399: Remove utility.css from Basis info file.
  • #2190: Prevent horizontal scroll on mobile for sitenames with long words.
  • #1946: Fixing image style tests to use strict type checking.
  • #2249: Don't override background-size when no image is specified in hero.
  • #2446: Make iframes fit inside their parent.
  • #2299: Make File::uri() match other entity return values.
  • #2467: Fix Views fieldset accidental collapse.
  • #2311: Basis: fix email field label and asterisks in contact form.
  • #2209: Installer: Empty " | " in <title> tag during site installation.
  • #2336: function _installer_browser_is_project_enabled always returns false for layouts and always true for themes. (#1728)
  • #2451: White-list the .well-known directory.
  • #709: Update return value documentation for system_date_format_load().