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Backdrop 1.7.0 is a minor release that includes substantial improvements to the Views, Layouts, and the rich text editor. In addition to new features, the styling of the administrative theme continues to be updated for aesthetics and consistency, including updates to the Views UI, status report, and available updates page.

The rich text editor updates include updating CKEditor to the latest version, switching to a new default theme, support for uploading images directly from the clipboard, and adding autocomplete to the Link dialog, allowing you to search by the title of content.

Blocks created through Views now have new powers, including the ability to override pager, fields, and exposed filters every time a view is placed as a block. Contextual information may also now be passed to views within blocks, allowing you to place the same view in multiple places with different filters applied. These features match the functionality of Panels "Views Content Panes" from Drupal 7.

New Features:

  • #2433: Views that contain Block displays have substantially increased powers, allowing per-placement overrides of pager settings, contextual filters, and more.
  • #1704: Page titles, tabs, messages, and action links may now be placed as blocks and moved around within layouts.
  • #2630: Images can be uploaded in CKEditor via Drag and Drop or Clipboard Paste.
  • #1586: Add support for linking images in CKEditor.
  • #2631: Update CKeditor skin to "Moono-Lisa".

UX improvements:

  • #930: Views UI restyling and refreshing.
  • #1206: Allow users to browse and enter links of local paths.
  • #2625: Add autofocus attribute to node/add and term/add title fields. (#1832)
  • #2591: Use new styles from Status report on Update report.
  • #485: Redesign the status report.
  • #2494: Allow + symbol in usernames.
  • #2502: [UX] Sort list of content types by human-readable name.
  • #2517: Add styles for autocomplete to core, seven, and basis.
  • #2447: [UX] Admin bar: expose the "Manage fields" and "Manage display" for vocabularies.
  • #1037: [UX] Token browser dialog: make token names clickable.
  • #2553 [UX] Improve styling of responsive dropdown on smaller screens

DX improvements:

  • #2262: Don't throw an error on install when the staging configuration has data in it.
  • #658: [DX] Support EditorConfig for better coding standards.
  • #1853: Create and use the 'files' directory in the conf_path().
  • #2629: Provide a way to alter the nodelist on a taxonomy term page. (#1827)
  • #2574: Update /core/misc/jquery.form.js to the latest version (4.2.0).
  • #2563: Allow updates without utf8 character support.
  • #2175: Allow nav tags as wrapper tags around blocks.
  • #219: Prevent the rewrite rules from adding www in front of subdomains.

API additions:

  • #2355: Add a config_clear() for consistency with variable_del().
  • #213: Move file entity info, managed file, and file usage functionality into File module.
  • #2546: Add standard help element.
  • #1700: Layout hooks do not pass correct Layout object.

The complete list of changes from 1.7.0 to 1.6.3 can be found in the 1.6.3 comparison log.