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Backdrop 1.8.0 is a new minor release version that includes new enhancements, updated administration styling, and the latest version of several external libraries. This version contains predominantly interface changes that continue to improve on the overall experience of using Backdrop.

Design updates include improvements to the progress bar, the installer, the project browser, and the Configuration listing page. The goal was to make these elements consistent with the rest of the Seven administration theme. Many new icons have also been included to give administrative pages both a sharper look, and a more human-friendly feel.

New functionality includes enhancements to Menu blocks, the modules page, and unpublished indicators in the Basis theme. All core themes also provide CSS files to the Rich Text Editor so what you'll see in the content editing interface more closely matches what you'll get in the final output.

Latest versions of CKEditor, jQuery Once, and Normalize CSS included.

Changes since 1.7.3

  • Issue #2715: On admin/modules if previous search is present preserve it on redirect.
  • Issue #2376: Change 'View mode' to 'Display mode' to avoid confusion with views module.
  • Issue #687: Upgrade jquery.once.js to 1.2.6.
  • Issue #2837: Prevent menu callbacks from appearing in administrative task lists.
  • Issue #991: Refresh update.php and task list styling.
  • Issue #2269: Add an unpublished indicator to the Basis theme.
  • Issue #2802: Seven: icon cleanup: replace old icons with lager font-awesome equivalents & rename.
  • Issue #1178 by wesruv: Add icons to the configuration overview page.
  • Issue #2817: Use the word configure instead of edit for image styles.
  • Issue #2831: Theme thumbnails missing from /admin/appearance.
  • Issue #2828: Fix the sort order on the admin/config page and make the page responsive.
  • Issue #2713: Fixed: hook_block_view_alter() is only called for legacy blocks.
  • Issue #2773: Add 'expand all' checkbox on menu block config form.
  • Issue #2813: Use class instead of ID for layout admin table.
  • Issue #2765: Support replacing fancy quotes in path patterns.
  • Issue #2513: Adjust view style for filters/operations to match importance.
  • Issue #2803: Refresh design of progress bar to barber pole style.
  • Issue #2799: Upgrade CKEditor to 4.7.2.
  • Issue #2521: Restore support for 'path' to theme_image().
  • Issue #2764: Simplify user interface text on "Allow Upscaling" checkbox.
  • Issue #2602: Update normalize.css to 7.0.0.
  • Issue #2781: Menu block settings: Improve the help text of the hamburger icon option.
  • Issue #1198: Add front-end styles into the rich text editor.