@jenlampton jenlampton released this Jan 16, 2018 · 172 commits to 1.x since this release

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Backdrop 1.9.0 is our first of three annual releases for 2018! We're excited to deliver a new version of Backdrop that includes a few new features and buckets of fixes.

Backdrop 1.9.0's big new feature is the ability to manage individual files. This means you can now manage the data around a file and even replace a file in-place, and all locations where that file is attached will be updated. See backdrop/backdrop-issues#2633 for details.

This version also makes some changes to the behavior of certain pages. Backdrop no longer handles 404 pages by default (though current sites will be unaffected by this change unless they update the .htaccess file), see backdrop/backdrop-issues#2784. And the page at /user has been reworked to simply redirect to either /user/login or /user/[uid] now, to make for a more consistent experience for both developers and users.

Backdrop 1.9.0 includes all the latest fixes that are also in the 1.8.2 release, that has been released in parallel. Considering the closeness between 1.9.0 and 1.8.2, it is our recommendation that all sites upgrade directly to 1.9.0 as soon as possible.

Changes since 1.8.1

  • Issue #2312: Taxonomy term feed has layout mark appended.
  • Issue #2784: Don't have Backdrop handle all 404 errors by default.
  • Issue #2883: Fix syntax error in hook_entity_view_mode_update.
  • Issue #2884: Link to add a redirect should not show on node form if new node.
  • Issue #2903: Modifying example date to use fixed value.
  • Issue #2880: Only link to update pages if Installer module is available.
  • Issue #2877: Add support for async and defer to backdrop_add_js().
  • Issue #991: Follow-up to fix task item wrapping on intsall/update page.
  • Issue #2857: Messages set on the update page do not look like messages.
  • Issue #2914: Add some error checking when parsing the database connection string.
  • Issue #2904: rawurlencode()/rawurldecode() the database name, user and password from the database URL.
  • Issue #2930: Respect language weight order.
  • Issue #2633: Create a User Interface for editing an existing managed file.
  • Issue #260: Redirect to user/login when anonymous user visits /user page.
  • Issue #2578: Updated labels for 'Administer users' to 'Administer user accounts'.
  • Issue #2757: Removed "Provide markup text for the area." text in views.
  • Issue #2860: Removing description on "Menu style" option.
  • Issue #2862: Changed description text on menu block 'Show all menu links' checkbox.
  • Issue #2876: Change dropdownbuttons from manage displays to manage display for individual displays.
  • Issue #2932: Change file 'edit' to file 'manage' where appropriate.
  • Issue #2939: Fix update tests. Use state instead of config where appropriate.
  • Issue #2594: Deleting a node should not validate the form.
  • Issue #2881: Remove check for hook_node_form() before printing type in node type list.
  • Issue #2149: Add direction to backdrop_sort().
  • Issue #2610: Add 7 new languages.
  • Issue #2562: Make image paths support subdirectory installations.
  • Issue #2891: Check for php-curl before running tests.
  • Issue #2889: Tweak some tests to make them more robust.
  • Issue #2932: Rename 'edit files' permission from file_entity module to 'manage files' in Backdrop.
  • Issue #2940: Add margins to aligned images in Basis.
  • Issue #2848: Allow deletion of cloned default views.
  • Issue #2843: CKEditor link truncating long URLs.
  • Issue #1437: Add field_info_field_map() for backwards-compatibility.
  • Issue #2879: Fix dropdown menu elements.