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Argument verification for node.js

Build Status

To run the tests (requires nodeunit):

nodeunit test/

Quick rundown:

Expects verifies a json object, recursively checking that specified properties exists and/or conforms to certain patterns. It does this by comparing to json objects, first being the object to check, the second being a representation of the expected data. This representation should be structured like the expected data, but having verifiers in place of the values. A verifier can be a function or a regexp.

E.g. if the json object expected looks like this (assuming all values are required): { someValue : , someOther : { checkThis : } }

the pattern would look like this, using the built-in verifiers requiredInt and requiredString: { someValue : expects.requiredInt, someOther : { type : "object", presence : "req", pattern : { checkThis : expects.requiredString } } }

Expects will throw an error on unsatisfied requirements, stating the first failed value encountered.

List of verifiers:

expects.requiredString - String, required
expects.optionalString - String, optional

expects.requiredNumber - Integer, required,
expects.optionalNumber - Integer, optional

expects.requiredParseableInt - Integer-parseable string, required
expects.optionalParseableInt - Integer-parseable string, optional

expects.requiredURL - Full URL with protocol (only http accepted), domain|IP, port (optional), path (optional) and query (optional), required
expects.optionalURL - Full URL with protocol (only http accepted), domain|IP, port (optional), path (optional) and query (optional), optional

expects.requiredPort    = Integer in the range ]1:65535], required
expects.optionalPort    = Integer in the range ]1:65535], optional

expects.requiredIPV4    = String representing a valid IPv4, required
expects.optionalIPV4    = String representing a valid IPv4, optional