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Backplane related specifications.
== Before you begin... ==
Please make sure to update dates in the XML source (search for '<date') when
making substantial (i.e. non-cosmetic) changes to the specs.
== How to compile up to date versions of TXT, HTML, PDF ==
To compile HTML, TXT and PDF variants of the specifications
one needs to install software packages mentioned below and run
% make clean && make
== Dependencies ==
TXT, HTML and PDF builds require presence of
tclsh8.4 (
If you would like to use another version of TCL
you should change path to tclsh in the accompanying Makefile.
Please note that on a Mac tclsh8.4 is installed by default,
so you do not need to perform any special actions.
PDF build requires presence of:
- apache fop (version 0.95 or later) -
- xsltproc from libxslt -
On a Mac installation of the packages can be accomplished with help of
the following commands:
% sudo port install fop
% sudo port install libxslt
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