Python wrapper for the Backscatter API
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Python Backscatter

This is an abstract python library built on top of the Backscatter service. It is preferred that users use this library when implementing integrations or plan to use Backscatter within their code. The library includes a small client to interact with the API.

Quick Start

Install the library:

pip install backscatter or python install

Save your configuration:

backscatter setup --api-key <your-API-key>

Search observations:

backscatter observations --query

Get Trends:

backscatter trends --type port

Enrich values:

backscatter enrich --query


  • Run observation searches for ip, network, asn, country and ports
  • Get trend data for all data types



  • Feature: Support for port enrichment call


  • Feature: Support proxies within the core library
  • Change: Adjust timeout to something more favorable to long queries


  • Bugfix: Avoid errors on free account without observations


  • Feature: Added enrichment support
  • Feature: Added JSON and table output formats
  • Change: Adjusted query type to be optional if value is mapped to a type


  • Bugfix: Resolved undeclared var in client observations call


  • Initial launch of the library