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This repo contains sample code for the book, "Building Apps with Riot," by Bleeding Edge Press
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Building Apps with Riot


This repo contains sample code for the book, "Building Apps with Riot," by Bleeding Edge Press. This book provides an outlook on developing websites, web applications, and web components with the Riot framework. Throughout the course of this book you will learn all of the essential aspects of Riot necessary to start hacking away. The book can be purchased here.


A sample DevOps dashboard application for Riot.js.

Note: There are additional examples within the examples directory by John Nolette, Joseph A. Szczesniak, and Collin Green.


  • Riot 3
  • riot-animore (official anime.js bindings for Riot)
  • Webpack (for bundling)
  • Express (for serving application)
  • Karma / Mocha (testing components)
  • Bulma, Fontawesome, Anime.css (css frameworks for styling)

Setting Up

Warning: This project was built with Node.js 8 & 10, installing dependencies and or building any bundles may fail using unsupported versions.

Use the following command to install this project's dependencies:

npm install

Running Application

To simply serve the application:

npm start

To build, test, and serve the application:

npm run build

The application is served on port 8080.


docker build . -t dashboard
docker run --rm -p 8080:8080 dashboard

Running Tests

We use Karma, Mocha, and Electron for testing our components.

To lint our code:

npm run lint

To unit test our components:

npm run test:unit

To run all tests:

npm test

Copyright (c) 2019 John Nolette, Bleeding Edge Press Licensed under the MIT license.

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