I set s3.keep = 28 but currently i've got 50 backup files at amazon. Does keep mean maximum files limit after that old files will be deleted? #235

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I am going to assume you're running on Heroku because of your other ticket, in which case the s3.keep method will not work. Backup generates a YAML dump in your Backup directory ( s3.yml ) which contains all the references to the files that have been stored using the S3 storage module. However, because every time when a process restarts on Heroku, all the data that was generated inside that particular dyno at the time will be lost, and the data from the precompiled slug will be reset. There is no way for Backup to persist any object references to all your backups on Heroku because of this. On for example a regular Linux/OSX server, such data would be stored in: $HOME/Backup/data/<my_backup_trigger>/S3.yml and this is what happens on Heroku as well, except that Heroku keeps throwing it away every time the process restarts.

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s3.keep not working #326

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