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Exit status of 0 for failed backups #422

locochris opened this Issue · 0 comments

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When a backup fails the exit status of the "backup" script is 0.

There are notifiers that can be triggered for a failed (or successful) backup, but
is it possible to somehow return a non-zero exit status when something goes wrong?

ie. so the failure can be seen/handled outside of "backup"?

(Our particular problem is when doing pre-migration backups during a deployment, because "backup" doesn't return an exit status upon failure our deployment script has no idea anything went wrong.)

@ghost Unknown closed this issue from a commit
Brian D. Burns establish exit status codes (closes #422)
When performing triggers:
  exit 0: all triggers succeeded without warnings
  exit 1: all triggers succeeded, but some had warnings
  exit 2: all triggers processed, but some failed
  exit 3: a fatal exception caused backup to exit

When `--check` is used:
  exit 0: success
  exit 1: failure
@ghost ghost closed this in 76a46e7
This issue was closed.
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