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Added simple OpenLDAP backup using slapcat utility with specs


For what it's worth, I just tested this and it works great. Thank you @deltadd


Cool! But you need root-privileges to use slapcat, aren't you?


looks strong, although i don't have any ldap server around and this could use some more real-world testing.


nice work, it will be very usefull.

But is openLDAP really a "database"? Maybe another "section" LDAP can be more generic and usefull for futur work on other LDAP implementations

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Ldap #397


Whats the word on getting this merged? LDAP is a database, and slapcat is the command to dump the database to stdout. If people think that it should be more generic, then I'd say it might be worth having a "run some random command" dsl option, but thats not why I use this gem. I use this gem so I don't have to run random commands. Anyone can throw things into backticks.




This has been in a limbo for a while and now we have two pull requests, #278 and #397 which add ldap support (and they both use slapcat). And it would be really great if @deltadd and @stefan-lz could cooperate on merging their work.

Basically I'm 👍 on ldap support in backup (and i think all the maintainers are), so I'll be happy to merge.


@stefan-lz, I have added you as collaborator to


@deltadd , I've added a branch to your repo called ldap, I pulled the upstream changes to bring the branch to version 4, then rebased your commit onto it. I made a few changes to make it current with the way the other databases are working. sudo and conf_file options are in there. Any other updates more than welcome, submit it and we'll finally get this pull-request accepted :) (I've closed my other pull request)


@stefan-lz @deltadd If either of you need help setting up acceptance tests for this on the VM, just email me and I can fill you in - it's not that bad :) I'm sure the VM's base box will need to be updated for this, so I'll need to know what needs to be installed.


Hey @burns thanks for the offer, but I've checked out the pull request as in the Travis CI logs, and get the same failures. so no need for a VM just yet.

So, I'm not sure how the files:


got into the pull request, they should have been removed in commit 8f02a43 and are causing the build to fail.
Maybe someone could remove them again when merging it in?

@deltadd deltadd closed this Mar 6, 2014
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