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cloud_io prevent mutation of options to delete_multiple_objects
compressor cleanup/refactor configuration helpers
config Command Notifier: Add to DSL, add template, and complete rdoc
database mysql user options are in the front of the command
encryptor Properly escape passwords when passing to openssl
logger Adding param to specify which file to be used for writing logs
notifier Add CC, BCC and Reply to fields to Mail notifier
storage Update documentation
syncer Changed base syncer class to not reset directories and excludes to an…
archive.rb cleanup/refactor configuration helpers
binder.rb Moved templates around and refactored them. Added a Backup::Binder cl…
cleaner.rb remove automatic error class generation
cli.rb Add backtraces to non-Backup::Error errors in CLI calls
config.rb version check config.rb
errors.rb remove automatic error class generation
logger.rb capture fog warnings
model.rb If multiple exceptions encountered during store!, send excess to logger
package.rb Add support for dates in Cycler.keep
packager.rb #692 Fix incorrect success codes for tar command
pipeline.rb cleanup/refactor configuration helpers
splitter.rb option to set suffix length for splitter
template.rb set ERB trim_mode
utilities.rb added zabbix notifier
version.rb Release v4.2.0 [ci skip]
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