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Image sharpening shader
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Adaptive sharpen is an image sharpening shader written in HLSL. It can be used by MPC-HC, MPDN or any other software that can use pixel shaders. The shader tries to sharpen somewhat blurry edges the most whilst doing the least sharpening for very sharp edges and flat areas. This results in less visible ringing, noise and banding than a "regular" image sharpener. It's tuned and designed for use post-resize.


  • Gamma-corrected input.
  • Floating-point render target.
  • Pixel Shader 3.0 support or higher.

Settings are stored in the second pass file. curve_height is the main knob for controlling sharpening strength.

Caution! If the shader passes are added in the wrong order or the alpha channel is truncated, it will return a green screen.

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