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asEventStream tests fail on IE6-8 #112

raimohanska opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Probably just an issue with the tests themselves, but should look into this anyway. Here's a clip from testing-ci:

ok 197 - Bacon.fromPromise : should respect unsubscription
not ok 198 - asEventStream : supports simple format
  Expected undefined to equal 'body'.

The testling-ci page, btw, takes minutes to load nowadays. Anything we could do about that? I find it hard to find any info on testling-ci..


I use testling-ci for CI and BrowserStack for debugging. More stable UI with dev tools installed etc.

Substack and pkrumins are also extremely helpful and nice at freenode/#browserling, in case there's problems with testling-ci or browserling.

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