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Bacula-Web is a web based tool written in PHP which provides a summarized view of your Bacula backup infrastructure.

Metrics and informations displayed in Bacula-Web are taken from Bacula catalog database, no need to setup bconsole, bvfs, etc.

In addition, the access to the database is made read-only, so your Bacula catalog database remains safe :)

Why this project ?

Bacula-Web project has been revived since 2010.

I tought that having an easy and useful web UI to monitor Bacula backup jobs, volumes, pools, etc. would be nice. So I decided to take care of this project which was almost abandonned since more than 4 years.

You can find more information about the project timeline in the official documentation here

This is my little contribution to Bacula community project. Hope you enjoy it !

Bacula-Web dashboard


  • Easy to setup

    It takes only few minutes to setup Bacula-Web, read the documentation

  • Install once

    Install Bacula-Web once, then monitor as many Bacula directors you have in your infrastructure

  • Secure

    Users authentication is enabled by default, no Bacula's information are disclosed

  • Dashboard

    Bacula-Web dashboard gives you a general overview of your Bacula backup jobs, pools, volumes, etc.

  • Use it in your native language

    Bacula-Web has been translated in more than 15 languages by the community users ❤️

  • Jobs report

    Monitor backup jobs from a single one page (filter and options are also available)

  • Job Files report

    List files and folders from backup job(s)

  • Directors report

    High-level report pages for all configured Bacula directors

  • Pools and volumes

    Display all your Bacula pools and volumes


Have a look at Bacula-Web documentation hosted by Read The Docs to get more informations about installation, configuration, upgrade, etc.


Bacula-Web can be installed from the source archive, but the easiest and recommanded way to install it is by using Composer.

To proceeed, make sure you have Composer installed using these instructions

Then run the command below to install Bacula-Web

$ composer create-project --no-dev bacula-web/bacula-web bacula-web

Otherwise, Bacula-Web can be installed using the provided compressed archive or using Composer, check Installation page for more details

Latest stable release compressed archive can be found in latest GitHub release

How to get help ?

Best way to get help or ask a question is to submit a bug report using GitHub project issues

How to contribute ?


If you want to help translating Bacula-Web in your language, please check the Contribute to translation page


You can contribute by submitting a GitHub pull request, please have a look the contribution guide first.


Bacula-Web source code, web site and documentation are licensed under GNU GPLv2

For more details, see LICENSE


  • Original author: Juan Luis Francés Jimenez
  • Current maintainer: Davide Franco (@dfranco)
  • Contributors: GitHub contributors

Support the project

As you probably already know, developpers does needs a lot of coffee to be more efficient 😉, so if you think Bacula-Web project desearve a little help, please consider buying me a coffee using the link below.

Thanks for using and supporting Bacula-Web project ❤️