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@badaix badaix released this Feb 26, 2021

Version 0.24.0


  • Client: Configurable server for Pulseaudio backend (Issue #779)


  • Client: Fix dropouts in alsa player backend (Issue #774)
  • Client: Fix alsa player volume resetting to max (Issue #735)
  • Client: Fix noise while muted for Pulseaudio (Issue #785)
  • Client: Android support for opus readded (Issue #789)
  • Client: Fix host id for MacBook Pro (later 2016) (Issue #807)


  • Snapweb: Update to v0.2.0
  • Remove submodules with external libs from the git repository
  • Write version and revision (git sha) to log
  • Add documentation to the default files (Issue #791)


The provided debian packages are automated builds from the github actions.


The packages snapclient_<version>_without_pulse_<arch>.deb are built without pulse audio player backend support (i.e. do not support --player pulse) and thus don't require the PulseAudio dependencies, recommended for headless, non-desktop systems.


There is no installer provided, the contained package vc_redist.exe must be installed to run snapclient.exe. The dll files must be located in your PATH or in the same directory with snapclient.exe.
@stijnvdb88 provides with Snap.Net a control interface and a player as single file installer

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