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Introduction to Sonar-HLA

The Sonar High Level API is an easy to use Java-API for accessing a SonarQube instance and retrieving some resource data from it. Under the hood Sonar-HLA uses the Sonar WS Client. However, users of Sonar-HLA will not get in touch with it. Sonar-HLA tries to hide the complexity of the Sonar WS-API. Currently Sonar-HLA consists of two components:

  • The API itself which may be integrated as a dependency into other projects.
  • A Maven plugin which uses this API. By putting a plugin over the API, handling of parameters required to Sonar-HLA becomes much easier.

For getting started, just refer to the Quick Start guides provided in the Wiki and you will get a first impression.

Maybe you may also want to refer to my homepage as well as my Blog which contains various posts about different aspects of Software Management, Continuous Integration and some related stuff.

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