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node.js client for the echonest api

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UPDATE: this is out of date. I'm told this is nice and should be used instead:

A node.js client for the Echonest API.

Build Status


To use it with node:

npm install echonest

Get an API key.

example usage in javascript

echonest = require('echonest');
var myNest = new echonest.Echonest({
    api_key: 'XXX YOUR API KEY XXX'

    name: 'portishead'
}, function (error, response) {
    if (error) {
        console.log(error, response);
    } else {
        console.log('familiarity:', response.artist.familiarity);
        // see the whole response
        console.log('response:', response);


familiarity: 0.8310873556337086
response: { status: { version: '4.2', code: 0, message: 'Success' },
{ familiarity: 0.8310873556337086,
        id: 'ARJVTD81187FB51621',
        name: 'Portishead' } }

To search with multiple buckets (or descriptions, styles, moods), use an array: style: ['lounge', 'metal'].

The tests touch every endpoint of the live API--including uploading a tune to track/upload--so see them for real examples. They're in coffeescript. You'll also need to visit the Echonest API Documentation to see what parameters each method accepts and what to expect in the response.

There's some pretty neat stuff in playlist generation (echonest is used by Spotify radio) and song search.


  • clone
  • install dev dependencies -- npm install
  • install rake
  • run the tests -- rake test

The echonest.js file distributed by npm is generated from coffeescript, and not checked into the repository. To see it, run rake build.

It could use some fancier handling of echonest's response codes. It could also probably work outside node.js in a browser without too much work. It's missing some of the slicker stuff from other client libraries.


The default callback logs errors and responses. These are the loudest 15 songs from the southern hemisphere in d minor (the saddest of all keys), from the coffeescript repl:

coffee> echonest = require 'echonest'
{ Echonest: [Function: Echonest] }
coffee> mynest = new echonest.Echonest(api_key: 'XXX')
{ api_key: 'XXX',
  api_version: 'v4',
  host: '',
  jsonclient: {},
   { search: [Function],
     profile: [Function],
     identify: [Function] },
   { biographies: [Function],
     blogs: [Function],
     familiarity: [Function],
     hotttnesss: [Function],
     images: [Function],
     list_terms: [Function],
     news: [Function],
     profile: [Function],
     reviews: [Function],
     search: [Function],
     extract: [Function],
     songs: [Function],
     similar: [Function],
     suggest: [Function],
     terms: [Function],
     top_hottt: [Function],
     top_terms: [Function],
     twitter: [Function],
     urls: [Function],
     video: [Function] },
   { analyze: [Function],
     profile: [Function],
     upload: [Function] },
   { basic: [Function],
     static: [Function],
     dynamic: [Function],
     session_info: [Function] },
   { create: [Function],
     update: [Function],
     status: [Function],
     profile: [Function],
     read: [Function],
     feed: [Function],
     list: [Function],
     delete: [Function] } }
coffee> # loudest songs from the southern hemisphere in d minor
coffee> 'loudness-desc', max_latitude: 0, key: 'd', mode: 0) 
err:  [Error: Bad status code from server: 400]
data:  { status:
   { version: '4.2',
     code: 5,
     message: 'key - Invalid value for parameter: "key" must be a whole number' } }
coffee> # loudest songs from the southern hemisphere in d minor, take 2
coffee> 'loudness-desc', max_latitude: 0, key: 2, mode: 0)
err:  null
data:  { status: { version: '4.2', code: 0, message: 'Success' },
   [ { artist_id: 'AROJN321187B9A1967',
       id: 'SOHSSIY12D8578F65A',
       artist_name: 'Sissy Spacek',
       title: 'Bone Flour' },
     { artist_id: 'ARYSZJY1187B9AA68B',
       id: 'SOYQFVQ131343A55FE',
       artist_name: 'Prurient',
       title: 'Troubled Sleep' },
     { artist_id: 'ARG1JWO1187B993356',
       id: 'SOZZDMT12A8C145013',
       artist_name: 'Massimo',
       title: 'Hello Dirty 1' },
     { artist_id: 'ARTG2FK1187B99A5B2',
       id: 'SODBQCA12AB0183BA2',
       artist_name: 'Landed',
       title: 'FM 91.1' },
     { artist_id: 'ARWDKKI130D26542D8',
       id: 'SOMGUYA131F71D6F1A',
       artist_name: 'Fucked',
       title: 'Lloyd+Robbie3' },
     { artist_id: 'AREBLP31187FB4F35F',
       id: 'SOKJANR13152A73068',
       artist_name: 'Merzbow',
       title: 'Minotaurus' },
     { artist_id: 'ARCMHNT12F54FADAC1',
       id: 'SOBOEME130516E3532',
       artist_name: 'Wenaki',
       title: 'Velocity' },
     { artist_id: 'ARCMHNT12F54FADAC1',
       id: 'SOYSVXP1316771415E',
       artist_name: 'Wenaki',
       title: 'Velocity' },
     { artist_id: 'AR1D1ML1187B98C004',
       id: 'SOMEYIT130516E0457',
       artist_name: 'Gerritt & John Wiese',
       title: 'Untitled' },
     { artist_id: 'AR1D1ML1187B98C004',
       id: 'SOLNVGU12D9F521519',
       artist_name: 'Gerritt & John Wiese',
       title: 'Untitled' },
     { artist_id: 'AR1D1ML1187B98C004',
       id: 'SOQJPAN13134386EFE',
       artist_name: 'Gerritt & John Wiese',
       title: 'Untitled' },
     { artist_id: 'ARTPWDY11C8A416B06',
       id: 'SOUECOP131343A19BA',
       artist_name: 'Faux Pride',
       title: 'YouSuckDotCom' },
     { artist_id: 'ARUCSL71187B98EC94',
       id: 'SOSUCKF12AB018AA36',
       artist_name: 'Jason Crumer',
       title: 'III. Betrayal After Betrayal' },
     { artist_id: 'ARXMWHU122C86777D1',
       id: 'SOOYLHL130516DD3AD',
       artist_name: 'Big Deformed Head',
       title: 'Most Triumphant Motherfucker...and I Use the Term Triumphant Loo' },
     { artist_id: 'ARMBMKW1187FB5A735',
       id: 'SOBFKVK12AF7299AB9',
       artist_name: 'Autotrash',
       title: 'Sex Ape' } ] }
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