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Commands and Permissions

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Command Permission Description
/key [player] crazycrates.access Check the number of keys a player has.
/cc Opens the GUI.
/cc help crazycrates.access Shows all crazy crate commands.
/cc reload crazycrates.admin Reloads all the files and crates.
/cc additem <crate> <prize> crazycrates.admin Add items in-game to a prize in a crate.
/cc list crazycrates.admin Shows you a list of all physical crate locations and crates.
/cc preview <crate> [player] crazycrates.admin Open a crate preview for a player.
/cc open <crate> [player] crazycrates.admin Open a crate for a player.
/cc set [crate] crazycrates.admin Set a block as a crate.
/cc tp <crate ID> crazycrates.admin Tp to a specified physical crate.
/cc give <physical/virtual> <crate> [amount] [player] crazycrates.admin Give a player a key for a specific crate.
/cc giveall <physical/virtual> <crate> [amount] crazycrates.admin Give all online players a specific crate key.
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