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Q1. What lines are needed in each prize so it doesn't have to be super big and full of options that I don't use?

Q2. The description said there are 10 different crate types but the default has only 4 crates in the Crates folder?

There is a difference between Crates and Crate Types. Each crate has its own CrateType: option in the crate's file to pick which one it is.


The crates are the file and control all these options:

  • Prizes
  • The Crate Type
  • How the key looks
  • And more

Crate Type:

The crate type is only how the crate is displayed to the player.

Q3. How do I add my custom item to a prize in a crate?

You can use the /cc additem command to add any in-game item into a prize. For more information of how this command works please read here.

Q4. Can I and how do I add more crates to the plugin?

Adding new crates to the plugin is easy. All you do is make a new yml file in the Crates Folder. Make sure to set the name of the file to {Crate Name}.yml. Then just go into one of the already made Crate Files, and copy and paste the contents into the new file and edit away at your heart's content.

Q5. How does the chance system work on this plugin because it doesn't make much sense to me?

Here is a wiki page I made explaining it:

Q6. Is there a way to right click a block to open the Crazy Crates menu?

Just set that block to the "Menu" crate.

  1. Look at the block.
  2. Type /cc set menu
  3. Right-click to view the crazy crates menu.

Q7. When I set a Head as a crate and try and use a physical key it doesn't do anything?


The issue is the item the key is set to. If you have the key set to an item that can be placed onto a block but that block doesn't allow some items like Trip Wire Hooks, it will cause the right click to do nothing. The issue is because of how Bukkit/Spigot registers the right click of that block. For example, since you can't put a tripwire hook onto a head it will not tell my plugin that the player right clicked that block.


The only thing you can do to fix it at this time is to either to set the key's item to something that will allow the right-click like a feather or set the crate's block to something that will allow the key like a chest.

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