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This site is unmaintained and read-only.

The Rust and WebAssembly working group now provides a lot of tooling, documentation, tutorials and other material. For a complete introduction to Rust and WebAssembly check out the Rust 🦀 and WebAssembly 🕸 book.

Hello, Rust!

A collection of resources, articles, examples and links regarding Rust & WebAssembly


Everything is automatically deployed and available on


The site is built using Cobalt. To compile everything and place it into the build/ folder, execute:

cobalt build

Deployment is automatically run through Travis CI on every push to the master branch.

Developing examples

Examples are placed in demos/. You can copy one of the existing examples or create a new one. Just pick a good short name as the directory name.

Please add a Makefile which compiles and copies all necessary files in place on invocation. See demos/add/Makefile for a simple example. Once you have done that add the example's name to the main Makefile, so it can be rebuild easily.

Add an index.liquid file for your example and make sure the following header is included:

permalink: /demos/slug-of-your-example
title: "Demo: Name of your example"
layout: site.liquid

Use HTML to structure your example explanation.


All contributions are welcome. Please open an issue and tell us about your ideas. Pull Requests with new resources or examples are welcome as well.

License CC0-badge

Texts and example code on are licensed under Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal License (LICENSE-CC0 or

Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in Hellorust by you, as defined in the CC0-1.0 license, shall be dedicated to the public domain and licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

External dependencies used in example code remain under their own license.


Collection of resources & examples for Rust & WebAssembly




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