A minimal example of a split driver for Xen
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Example for a split driver for the Xen platform

Drivers targetting Xen domains use a split-driver model, where one end is placed in the driver domain (typically dom0) and the other end is placed in an unprivileged domain (like domU).

However, the exact details on how to write a driver are not really documented and easy to find, so I decided to write this up as I go along. Detailed explanations will be posted to my blog and this repository will contain the code.


This is a work in progress.

Starting in November 2016, I am writing my master thesis, where I have to work with Xen. Over the time of this work I hope to complete posts on individual parts of the driver development.


  1. Enabling the driver
  2. Initial communication
  3. Event channel setup (tbd)
  4. Ring communication (tbd)
  5. Sharing memory using grants (tbd)