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An emacs-like mark multiple plugin

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Octocat-spinner-32 plugin


An emacs-like mark multiple plugin, inspired from this plugin:



Ctrl-n to activate and to go to the next match. When you are tired, simply change the word under the cursor the usual way.

Screencast coming soon.

Why matches are not highlighted?

The more I look at it, the more my suspect become true. As far as I have understood, :3match allows you to only have 3 match on the screen, which is no good if you have multiple occurences. It also raises non trivial problems when you want to clear the matches: if you are substituting word with mark-multiple no-problem, because I can hook the clear inside autocmd InsertLeave, but what happen if the user scans the first occurence using ctrl-n and then decide to abort? In Vim there is no VisualLeave autocmd to hook into, so you'll end up with "stale" highlighting.


Like any Pathogen bundle.


Yes, please. Pull requests welcome.

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