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JobCatcher Screenshot

JobCatcher is a daemon that retrieves job offers from multiple job boards feeds and generates custom RSS feeds and HTML reports for you. This is a decentralized software meant to run of your own server.

JobCatcher comes with a filter feature, so you can filter company names with black or whitelists.

Think of it as a RSS feed reader with filter feature.

I would like this software to be under GPLv2 License. But I need to check if this is compatible with dependencies I've choosen.

Work in Progress

The project is fully in development and many features need to be implemented. It is developed in Python. This is my first time I use Python on a non-basic project. So I guess my code is not so pythonic ... yet. Feel free to help me or show me mistakes I could have made or improvements I could do.


python-html2text, python-requests, python-beautifulsoup

Usage (mainly development options for now)

--all              sync the blacklist, fetch the offers and generates reports.
--feeds            download the all feeds in the config
--feed=JOBBOARD    download only the feed from JOBBOARD in the config
--pages            download the all pages in the config
--page=JOBBOARD    download only the pages from JOBBOARD in the config
--inserts          inserts all pages to offers
--insert=JOBBOARD  insert JOBBOARD pages to offers
--moves            move datas to offer
--move=JOBBOARD    move JOBBOARD datas to offer
--clean=JOBBOARD   clean offers from JOBBOARD source
--report           generate a full report
--version          output version information and exit

Reports are generated into the local "www" directory.

I start -s manually with crontab for now. But this should change soon.

List of supported Job Boards

Unit test result

  • (France)
  • Cadreonline (France)
  • Eures (Europe)
  • PoleEmploi (France)
  • Progressive Recruitment (France)
  • RegionsJob
  • CentreJob (France)
  • NordJob (France)
  • PacaJob (France)
  • RhoneJob (France)
  • EstJob (France)
  • OuestJob (France)
  • SudOuestJob (France)
  • ParisJob (France)


  • (France)
  • (Int.)
  • L'eXpress-Board (France)
  • (France)


Debian, Ubuntu

# Install a packages
apt-get update
apt-get install sqlite3 python-pip git 
pip install virtualenv virtualenvwrapper

# Configure virtualenvwrapper
cat << EOF >> ~/.bashrc
export WORKON_HOME=$HOME/.virtualenvs
source /usr/local/bin/
source ~/.bashrc

# Prepare jobcatcher environment
mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages -p /usr/bin/python2.7 jobcatcher
add2virtualenv /opt/JobCatcher

# Install jobcatcher project
cd opt
git clone -b unstable
cd JobCatcher
pip install -r requirements.txt


Modify the and execute

workon jobcatcher
python --all

Help us to add new job boards to JobCatcher ! :)



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