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Pelican Plugins

Beginning with version 3.0, Pelican supports plugins. Plugins are a way to add features to Pelican without having to directly modify the Pelican core. Starting with 3.2, all plugins (including the ones previously in the core) are moved here, so this is the central place for all plugins.

How to use plugins

Easiest way to install and use these plugins is cloning this repo:

git clone

and activating the ones you want in your settings file:

PLUGIN_PATH = 'path/to/pelican-plugins'
PLUGINS = ['assets', 'sitemap', 'gravatar']

PLUGIN_PATH can be a path relative to your settings file or an absolute path.

Alternatively, if plugins are in an importable path, you can omit PLUGIN_PATH and list them:

PLUGINS = ['assets', 'sitemap', 'gravatar']

or you can import the plugin directly and give that:

import my_plugin
PLUGINS = [my_plugin, 'assets']

Please refer to the Readme file in a plugin's folder for detailed information about that plugin.

Contributing a plugin

Please refer to the Contributing file.


A bunch of plugins for the pelican blog engine.




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