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Accompanying material for the blog post on Pitou's DGA
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Accompanying material for the blog post on Pitou's DGA


Disassembler and decompiler for the bytecode of Pitou's virtual machine. Run the script in ./disassemblerdecompiler/. To disassemble the bytecode, run

python3 disassembly -o pitou.dis

To decompile the bytecode, run:

python3 nasm -o pitou.nasm

Folder ./disassemblerdecompiler/output contains the output of the disassembler pitou.dis, the output of the decompiler pitou.nasm and the compiled ELF binary pitou.elf.


Python script to visualize the virtual instruction encodings. Run the script from the directory ./instructionvisualizer/src as follow:

python3 ../data/data.json

The script writes one SVG image per virtual instruction, and prints a markdown table with the fields to stdout. Warning: the underlying data is not up to date, I fixed some encodings and renamed fields while writing the blog posts. I did not put these changes back into data.json.

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