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GEM - Graphics Environment for Multimedia
Snap a pix of the render buffer
Copyright (c) 1997-1999 Mark Danks.
Copyright (c) Günther Geiger.
Copyright (c) 2001-2002 IOhannes m zmoelnig. forum::für::umläute. IEM.
For information on usage and redistribution, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL
WARRANTIES, see the file, "GEM.LICENSE.TERMS" in this distribution.
#include "Base/GemBase.h"
#include "Base/GemPixUtil.h"
#include "libfreenect.h"
#include <pthread.h>
Snaps a pix of the render buffer
Inlet for a list - "vert_size"
Inlet for a list - "vert_pos"
"snap" - Snap a pix
"vert_size" - Set the size of the pix
"vert_pos" - Set the position of the pix
class GEM_EXTERN fux_kinect : public GemBase
CPPEXTERN_HEADER(fux_kinect, GemBase)
// Constructor
fux_kinect(int argc, t_atom *argv);
// Destructor
virtual ~fux_kinect();
// void kinectResolution(float resolution);
// save point cloud
//void saveKinectPoint();
// multiply distance between point
//void kinectMultiply(float size);
// When a angle is received
virtual void kinectAngle(float gsize);
virtual void kinectMin(int gsize);
virtual void kinectMax(int gsize);
///start rendering
virtual void startRendering();
// Do the rendering
virtual void render(GemState *state);
// Clear the dirty flag on the pixBlock
virtual void postrender(GemState *state);
// Clean up the image
void cleanImage();
// The original fux_kinect
imageStruct *m_originalImage;
// The pixBlock with the current image
pixBlock m_pixBlock;
imageStruct m_imageStruct;
// The x position
int m_x;
// The y position
int m_y;
// The width
int m_width;
// The height
int m_height;
static void* freenect_thread_func(void*);
static void depth_cb(freenect_device *dev, void *v_depth, uint32_t timestamp);
static void rgb_cb(freenect_device *dev, void *rgb, uint32_t timestamp);
// static member functions
static void kinectAngleCallback(void *data, t_floatarg size);
static void kinectMaxCallback(void *data, t_floatarg size);
static void kinectMinCallback(void *data, t_floatarg size);
freenect_context *f_ctx;
freenect_device *f_dev;
freenect_video_format requested_format;
freenect_video_format current_format;
pthread_t freenect_thread;
int kinect_angle;
int kinect_video_size;
int kinect_multiply;
int kinect_resolution;
bool banged;
#endif // for header file
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