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Generate Github project badges like a boss


Resolves #61
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Build Status Dependency Status Coverage Status Code Climate Github Issues Pending Pull-Requests Gem Version License Badges


Because I grow weary of copy-n-pasting the badge URLs into the README of every project, and the API now supports all of the services I use


Install it

gem install badgerbadgerbadger

or add it to your Gemfile

gem 'badgerbadgerbadger'


badger badge
[![Build Status](](
[![Dependency Status](](
[![Coverage Status](](
[![Code Climate](](
[![Gem Version](](

ready to paste into the top of your README (with the correct URLs for your repo)

You can read about Badger's Opinions in the help text here

If you're on a Mac, pipe the output into pbcopy to add the stuff directly to your clipboard:

badger badge | pbcopy

Help me make it better

git clone
cd badger

Adding a new license

If you'd like badgerbadgerbadger to support a license we don't currently have, please see the note at the top of the licenses config file

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