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Contribution Guidelines

This is the home of, home to the badge design specification, API documentation, and server code for Badges as a Service.

We invite participation through GitHub Issues, which we use much like a discussion forum. This repository should only contain non-implementation specific topics: specifications, design, and the web site.

This implementation

Please see for information on how to start contributing code to You can read a Tutorial on how to add a badge.

Note that the root gets redirected to For testing purposes, you can go to http://localhost/try.html.

Ground rules

  • The left-hand side of a badge should not advertize. It should be a noun describing succinctly the meaning of the right-hand-side data.
  • New query parameters (such as ?label= or ?style=) should apply to any requested badge. They must be registered in the cache (see LruCache in server.js).
  • The format of new badges should be of the form /VENDOR/SUBVENDOR-BADGE-SPECIFIC/PARAMETERS.format. For instance, The vendor is gitter, the badge is for rooms, the parameter is nwjs/nw.js, and the format is svg.

Please minimize .svg files (eg. in logo/) through SVGO (eg. by using svgomg).


The main implementation, available at, has its code located in this repository.

Other systems that produce badges following the same design, hosted elsewhere, are listed below.

website / AP language issues
shielded JavaScript shielded Go buckler
old (discontinued) Python
DotBadge C# DotBadge

Please report bugs and discuss implementation specific concerns (performance characteristics, etc.) in the repository for the respective implementation.

Adding support for a service

Please open an issue if you'd like to use Shields badges for a project that isn't yet supported.