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Mention that contributors should modify `try.html`.

Fixes #131.
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@@ -4,6 +4,17 @@ This is the home of, containing the badge design specification and AP
We invite participation through [GitHub Issues][], which we use much like a discussion forum. This repository should only contain non-implementation specific topics: specifications, design, and the web site.
+## This implementation
+Please see [][] for information on how to get started.
+[]: ./
+Note that the root gets redirected to <>.
+For testing purposes, you can go to `http://localhost/try.html`.
+You should modify that file. The "real" root, `http://localhost/index.html`,
+gets generated from the `try.html` file.
## Implementations
Please report **bugs** and discuss implementation specific concerns (performance characteristics, etc.) in the repository for the respective implementation:

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