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The iCTF Framework, presented by the UC Santa Barbara Computer Security Lab!
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The iCTF Framework

This is the framework that the UC Santa Barbara Seclab uses to host the iCTF, and that can be used to create your own CTFs at The framework creates several VMs: one for the organizers and one for every team. The components that run on each are described below.

We released this framework in the hope that it creates a focal point for hosting CTFs. Currently, attack-defense CTFs are the focus, but we are interested in other formats as well. Pull requests are always welcome!

The CTF Framework contains several components, described below.

Central Database

This is the central database that tracks the game state. It runs on the Organizer VM and exposes a REST API.


The scorebot runs on the central database, updates flags on the vulnerable services, and checks that these flags are accessible.


This directory contains routing configuration for the central organizer/scorebot VM.


This is the CTF dashboard, showing the scoreboard and allowing players to submit flags. Read the docs

VM Creator

This is the VM creater that is used by to create organizer and team VMs.


The iCTF Framework includes a standard format for creating services. Services live in the services/ directory.

Further Information

The iCTF Framework is described in a paper presented at Usenix 3GSE 2014 ( That paper and presentation detail the history, philosophy, and design of the framework.

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