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Live Profiler plugin


A PhpStorm plugin for Live profiler.


  • Line markers show a last date when the method was called
  • A link to the method usage page in Live profiler UI
  • List with last app called the method sorted by time
  • By default url settings use Live profiler UI demo site


The plugin has settings in Preferences -> Tools -> Live Profiler

Flag "Enable Live Profiler" to show line markers for each method which has information in Live Profiler

Flag "Enable debug messages" to show debug messages in Event Log

Flag "Show last apps" to load and display a last apps with timers with a link to the graph page. If it is disabled line markers has a link only for the method usage page.

Urls tab contains urls of data source:

  • Method URLS - to load full method list with the last usage date
  • Method info URL - to load last apps with timers
  • Method usage URL - a link to the method usage page
  • Graphs URL - a link to a page with the graphs and timers of the method

Preset to use Live profiler UI demo site:

uuid - unique code you can get after login on Live profiler UI demo site

Preset to use self hosted UI:

  • Method URLS - {%HOST%}/profiler/all-methods.json
  • Method info URL - {%HOST%}/profiler/method-used-apps.json?method=
  • Method usage URL - {%HOST%}/profiler/method-usage.phtml?method=
  • Graphs URL - {%HOST%}/profiler/tree-view.phtml?

IDE Setup

You will need IDEA Community Edition or IDEA Ultimate. PhpStorm can't have Plugin DevKit installed

  1. Checkout source, i.e. $ git clone
  2. Install Gradle plugin in IDEA
  3. Open project
  4. Idea will suggest to import Gradle configuration, agree and chose Use gradle 'wrapper' task configuration
  5. View -> Tool windows -> Gradle

Build From IDE

View -> Tool windows -> Gradle -> Tasks -> intellij -> buildPlugin

Build From Command line

$ ./gradlew --info buildPlugin

The plugin will be placed in build/distributions/

Run tests from command like

$ ./gradlew test

Test result report will be placed in build/reports/tests/test/index.html