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PHYS-330 - Classical Mechanics - Fall 2017

Homework 2

problem 3 hints

The following is a python code snippet which I used to find theta for max range.

there are two parts. The function range calculates the range for a given theta. The next part is a loop which does a search (like a binomial but different) to find the theta which gives the maximum range. You can get this code working by editing one line of code indicated below.

import scipy.optimize as sci

def range(theta):
    # this function returns the range  of the projectile for a given theta
    vter = 1.0  # set units
    g = 1.0     # given in problem
    v0 = 1.0    # initial velocity

    def func(x): #this function return value of equation 2.39 in book
        return #you neeed to edit this#

    tau = vter/g
    v0x = v0*np.cos(theta) # x component of velocity
    v0y = v0*np.sin(theta) # y component of velocity
    return sci.newton(func,x0=.5,tol=1.0e-12)  #return root of equation 2.39

#below is a simple script which is reminicient of a binomial search
thetamax = np.pi # we know theta can't be this big to maximize R
thetamin = 0.0   # initializing theta
step = .01
flag = True      # change this to exit loop when we have found R
R = 0             # initial range.This will change as we find larger R
while flag == True:
        theta = thetamin + step  # update to new theta to test
        Rnew = range(theta)      # calculate range for current theta
        if Rnew < R:             # if xnew is less than current range
            step = step/2.0           # decrease step size
        else:                    # otherwise check rel error from previous theta and current theta
            if np.abs(theta-thetamin)/theta < 1.0e-10: # if relative error small enough stop
                print("theta for max displacement =",theta, "rad")
                flag = False
            else:     # otherwise update thetamin and new range
                thetamin = theta
                R = Rnew