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PHYS-330 - Classical Mechanics - Fall 2017

Homework 3

Due: 21st Sept 2017 by the start of class. Anything later will be considered late. Any late assignments will be deduced 10% per day late. Submissions after 5 days late will not be accepted.

Instructions: Complete all of the questions below. You are encouraged to use Jupyter Notebooks to complete any numerical work and written. While the use of python is encouraged, you can use any programming language you want. You can either email me your assignment or provide me with a hard copy in class. If you choose to email you solutions please submit solutions as a single pdf document.

  1. 3.14 from Taylor
  2. 3.23 from Taylor
  3. 3.22 from Taylor
  4. 3.26 from Taylor
  5. Two figure skaters are spinning on their own axis perpendicular to the surface of ice rink. Suddenly each skater's spin is coupled with the other. Show kinetic energy is lost.