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Minimalistic 3D Game Engine
C Objective-C Python
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Latest commit ef0e7e6 @badsector Fixed some minor bugs
This commit fixes some minor bugs:

1. a crashing bug that was caused if a world was loaded from a script outside of the proper initialization phase

2. the initial lightmap was not cleared to zero


Alithia Engine Readme

Alithia Engine is a minimalistic 3D game engine written in C, SDL and 
OpenGL. The engine can be built using GCC, Clang or any other modern C 
compiler. To build the engine you need the engine's sources and lil, a 
small dynamic scripting language i wrote (you'll find lil at the same 
place as this source). Use the script to configure the 
build process if you use GCC or Clang (Clang is currently tested only 
under Mac OS X where the development is done at the moment).

I've tested the engine under Mac OS X, Linux and Windows and compiles 
and works just fine. At least it did when i tested it...

To run the engine you need data files which do not exist with the 
engine's source. Download these files from where you got the engine's 
source (if that was git, then check your git source).

Kostas Michalopoulos
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