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Outliner Lighto, a small user friendly outliner for the console

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Outliner Lighto

  Outliner Lighto is a small user friendly outliner for the console and
written using FreePascal.  For further details see the default outline when
running the program for the first time.

  To compile Outliner Lighto you need the FreePascal compiler.  You can use
the FreePascal IDE or the Makefile (the IDE files fp.ini and fp.cfg can be
used to build a development version of the program - see the fp.cfg file for
the NORMAL flags if you want to build the development version from the console
without the IDE -- if you want the "release" version, use the Makefile).

  When executed for the first time it will create a .ol.olol file in the home
directory.  This file contains the default outline that will be opened.  To
open another file, call ./ol <filename.olol>.

  Note that under xterm you'll need to press R or F5 each time you resize the
window.  This is a limitation until i figure out how to make the Video unit
report such things (it should be possible since the IDE does it but the public
API doesn't seem to report this functionality).

  There is experimental support for the PTCPas and PTCKVM units which provide
an alternative graphical output for the Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) units.
You can use these two libraries to create a version of Outline Lighto which
runs inside a graphical window (under X11, Windows, WinCE or DOS).  This build
runs in a fixed 100x40 characters window using a modified TPCKVM library.  You
can download the modified TPCKVM from my Github account and PTCPas from  To build the PTC version of Outliner Lighto
use "make olptc".  Note that the paths to the units are currently hardcoded so
you will need to edit the Makefile before doing that.

  Kostas "Bad Sector" Michalopoulos

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