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Outliner Lighto is a console-based outliner written in FreePascal.


See the downloads page for the latest source and builds (currently only Windows builds are provided - Linux and other OS users should be able to use the FreePascal Compiler from their distro's repository to build a native version for their system). Make sure you download the file.


Running Outliner Lighto with a new outline file (or just running it for the first time) will create a default outline with a tutorial on using it. It is recommended to read and follow this tutorial. Beyond that, Outliner Lighto comes with a set of manpages for UNIX systems and a PDF version which you can find in the downloads page for other systems.


A lame attempt on making a screencast for the program can be found at YouTube. Yeah it sucks, but this is all i've got for now :-P.


The first view of the default outline

Screenshot 1

Showing tickable nodes (for todo lists, etc) and automatic percentages

Screenshot 2

Outliner Lighto under Windows

Screenshot 3

Outliner Lighto under Mac OS X

Screenshot 4

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