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QuHelp is a HTML-based documentation site generator
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Added --mobipocket flag for adding Mobipocket elements in the solid h…

…tml version

This commit adds a new flag argument, --mobipocket, which can be used to add Mobipocket elements (mostly pagebreaks before each page) in the solid html version. The final solid.html file can then be converted to a .mobi file using some external converter, such as KindleGen, for use with an eReader that supports Mobipocket ebooks.
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  QuHelp is a simple C program for generated html-based online help manuals.
It can be thought as a bare-bones help authoring tool for html help.  QuHelp
works by scanning the contents of a source directory (by default named
"contents") which contains text files with html formatting and combining them
with a template (by default found in the "template" directory) to build the
html help files in a target directory (by default the "output" directory).
QuHelp also builds a tree of the help site's contents using a JavaScript-based
tree system, similar to what can be found in many modern desktop-based help
systems and a search database for searching in the help site.  Since version
0.5 an experimental "solid site" version (the whole help site in a plain HTML
page) can be generated.

  QuHelp's web site is located at:
  QuHelp's GitHub page is located at:
  QuHelp is licensed under the terms of the WTFPL license:
      (or the copying.txt file in the sources)
Kostas "Bad Sector" Michalopoulos

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