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Runtime Wiki (rtwiki) is a simple desktop wiki written in Java

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Runtime Wiki Readme 

1. What is Runtime Wiki?
Runtime Wiki is a desktop wiki written in Java. A desktop wiki is a 
wiki-like program that works with local files. Runtime Wiki is a 
minimalistic implementation of such a program. It works with plain text 
files (suffixed with the .rtwiki extension).

2. How to use Runtime Wiki?
To use Runtime Wiki just run it. The program will ask for a file or 
directory. If you are going to create a new wiki, create a new directory 
and select it from the dialog. Otherwise, just select the directory that 
contains the .rtwiki files (selecting a .rtwiki file from that directory 
will also work).

If there is a wiki folder at the same place from where Runtime Wiki is 
executed, that wiki will open automatically.

By default a wiki containing more information about Runtime Wiki is 

3. Where can i find the latest version?
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