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import hashlib
import string
import random
import base64
class UserAuthCode(object):
def __init__(self, secret, salt_len=8, hash=hashlib.sha256):
self.secret = secret
self.salt_len = salt_len
self.hash = hash
def salt(self):
s = ''
for i in range(self.salt_len):
s += random.choice(string.letters + string.digits)
return s
def digest(self, user, salt):
# Use username, email and date_joined to generate digest
auth_message = ''.join((self.secret, user.username,,
str(user.date_joined), salt))
md = self.hash()
return base64.urlsafe_b64encode(md.digest()).rstrip('=')
def auth_code(self, user):
salt = self.salt()
digest = self.digest(user, salt)
return salt + digest
def is_valid(self, user, auth_code):
salt = auth_code[:self.salt_len]
digest = auth_code[self.salt_len:]
# CAVEAT: Make sure UserAuthCode cannot be used to reactivate locked
# profiles.
if user.last_login != user.date_joined:
return False
return digest == self.digest(user, salt)
if __name__ == '__main__':
import datetime
class DjangoLikeUserObject(object):
username = 'johndoe'
email = ''
date_joined =
user = DjangoLikeUserObject()
uac = UserAuthCode('Put your secret here.')
auth_code = uac.auth_code(user)
print auth_code
print uac.is_valid(user, auth_code)
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