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Corebird will stop working mid-August:

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Key Description
Ctrl + t Compose Tweet
Back Go one page back (this can be triggered via the back button on the keyboard, the back thumb button on the mouse or Alt + Left)
Forward Go one page forward (this can be triggered via the forward button on the keyboard, the forward thumb button on the mouse or Alt + Right)
Alt + num Go to page num (between 1 and 7 at the moment)
Ctrl + Shift + s Show/Hide topbar
Ctrl + p Show account settings
Ctrl + k Show account list
Ctrl + Shift + p Show application settings

When a tweet is focused (via keynav):

  • r - reply
  • tt - retweet
  • f - favorite
  • q - quote
  • dd - delete
  • Return - Show tweet details


Translations are handled through the Corebird project on Transifex. Changing the .po files in this repo won't work and they will just be overridden the next time I merge the translations from Transifex, which usually happens before every stable release.


All contributions are welcome (artwork, design, code, just ideas, etc.) but if you're planning to actively change something bigger, talk to me first.


  • Latest development version of gtk+ 4.0
  • Latest development version of vala
  • glib-2.0 >= 2.44
  • json-glib-1.0
  • sqlite3
  • libsoup-2.4
  • gettext >= 0.19.7
  • vala >= 0.28 (makedep)
  • meson (makedep)
  • gst-plugins-base-1.0 (for playbin, disable via --disable-video)
  • gst-plugins-bad-1.0 >= 1.6 (disable via --disable-video, default enabled)
  • gst-plugins-good-1.0 (disable via --disable-video, default enabled)
  • gst-libav-1.0 (disable via --disable-video, default enabled)
  • gspell-1 >= 1.2 (for spellchecking, disable via --disable-spellcheck, default enabled)

Note that the above packages are just rough estimations, the actual package names on your distribution may vary.

If you pass --disable-video to the configure script, you don't need any gstreamer dependency but won't be able to view any videos.


meson ./build
ninja -C ./build
ninja -C ./build install

Corebird installs its application icon into /usr/share/icons/hicolor/, so an appropriate call to gtk-update-icon-cache might be needed.