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Community First: This app provides existing and potential property owners with the ability to calculate rent revenue on buildings in the Seattle area based on currently available HUD Voucher Program rates and the Federal LIHTC Tax Credit.

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This app was created at the Feb 7th Hack Housing Hackathon in Seattle WA.

Challenge and Approach Challenge: There is a massive shortage of housing options available for low income families. The fastest route to increasing housing supply may be through appealing to private landlord’s investment strategies. If adequate return on investment could be demonstrated to real estate investors (and private landlords); while providing a direct connection to qualified tenants the problem of housing shortages may be diminished.

Action: Provide a map and cost evaluation tools comparing Zillow’s Sales & Rent data to HUD’s Fair Market Rents (FMR). By introducing landlords to National, State and City tax incentives, and educating property developers on additional social and financial benefits of leasing to low income families, our aim is to increase the housing supply in the market for this demographic.

Future upgrades: Pages should outline the Pros of joining with local housing authorities, implement a system to link directly to local housing authorities, have reminders for inspections, document storage for lease and tenant information and possibly a portal to communicate with tenants.

Our approach for satisfying this challenge was to:

Research currently available low income programs in Seattle Research currently available tax incentives for low income housing.

Team Members

Our team is comprised of:

Alexander Monsanto - Developer and former Accountant Steve Woosley- Developer and Entreprenuer Alyssa Williams- Developer and former Health Care Provider Jenny Bae- Developer and student Josh Schober - UX Designer Technologies: Ruby on Rails and JS APIs: Zillow, Socrate, Google Maps Datasets Utilized: HUD, Seattle.Gov, IRS

We have all recently transitioned our careers into web development and UX design. We leveraged our previous expertise and newly aquired tech skills to tackle a problem facing the community in which we live.

In order to run our app:

Enter an address of an existing or potential multifamily housing unit and from the map page enter the calculator data. Compare the potential revenue from a HUD voucher applicant to the average rent in the neighborhood (provided by Socrata).

Presentation Day Error:

There was a presentation of our error because we overused the Zillow API url. It happened to be that the run right before our presentation happened when we "reached is maximum number of calls for today." Sad pandas: alt tag