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A starting development workspace with vault and postgres
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A starting workspace for Vault, Postgres, and Docker

This workspace is tied to a blog post that demonstrates a decent starting point of a postgres and vault development workspace.

How to use

./scripts/setup-ssl is required before you start anything. Postgres is configured with SSL so you will need these files first.

docker-compose up will start Postgres and Vault and initalize them

How to connect to Postgres

If you want to drop straight in to the Postgres instance you can execute docker-compose exec database psql -U admin -d mydb

How to get a Username and password from vault

docker-compose exec vault vault read dbs/creds/mydb-admin

If you want to get a Vault username, then login directly with that:

VAULT_SETTINGS=$(docker-compose exec vault vault read --format=json dbs/creds/mydb-admin)
VAULT_USERNAME=$(echo $VAULT_SETTINGS | docker run --rm -i colstrom/jq -r '.data.username')
docker-compose exec database psql -U $VAULT_USERNAME -d mydb
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