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A multichannel pocsag receiver for gnuradio

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Simple multichannel POCSAG receiver, to be used with osmo-pocsag (
The script decode-streams automatically starts 4 istances of the pocsag decoder (whose executable should be in the same folder as the script)
In alternative, you can specify the four fifos in the grc file and decode them using your own decoder/osmo-pocsag
I absolutely do not guarantee that this decoder will work. 
The center frequencies correspond to the 4 swiss POCSAG channels, you need to change it to those of your country.

Tab 1 shows the RF spectrum around cf.
Tab 2 shows the baseband spectrum around cf+fine, set fine to some freq. higher than 100 khz to avoid the spikes around dc.
Tab 3 shows the "audio" output for a single channel, the channel is set in "baseband_fft".
The four channels to be monitored are set in the variable "channels", directly input the exact frequency you find in any list,
python will compute the xlator parameters for your :).
Filter offest may be used to widen the filter after the channel xlator up to 6kHz.
rate_1 to rate_4 are used to set the data rates for the four channels.
Have fun decoding POCSAG!

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