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Alert a user when a new modqueue or post is made in a subreddit.
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New Post & ModQueue alert

This script will monitor a list of subreddits for new posts and items in the modqueue. It can then send a message to a slack or discord channel and a private message to a list of users on reddit.

You just need praw, so run:

pip install -r requirements.txt

To install the dependencies. You then need to configure copy the config.json.template file to config.json and update it with the api keys and settings you want.


Create your bot / mod account and go to: Create an app and it will give you the credentials you need.


Create a slack app and get a webhook for the channel you would like to post to:


In your server settings create a webhook:

Reddit PM's

Just fill in the usernames you want to be notified in the array. i.e "users": [ "Isa", "Owen" ],


Then just set enabled to true on the notifications you want. You can also disable modqueue or post checking by setting mosqueue or new_posts to false. If you want to listen for only certain keywords you can add a list and enable that too.


This is still a WIP and an ever evolving project:

  • Write some tests for it
  • Try and cover more error cases
  • Modmail notifications
  • Make into a PyPI module and or systemd service
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