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This project was made out of frustration for not being able to manage my saved links on reddit very easily. I wanted to be able to create a list of all of the videos that I had enjoyed, but this was not possible as there was no way to search by domain.

The script, allows you to search by multiple critera, title, domain, and sub-reddit to look for a saved post, or posts. The script will add all of your saved links to an HTML template, then update the file every 10 minutes to include any new additions; this has a bonus benefit of being able to store more than the 1000 saved links that reddit allows you.

Usage for

  savedLinks [options]
  -t, --title TITLE     Search for links based on link title
  -d, --domain DOMAIN   Search for links from a certain domain
  -r, --reddit REDDIT   Search for links based on subreddit

There is also a very hacky website/watching script in this repository, but I'm no longer using / maintaining it.

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